maya club London

Maya London

1a Dean Street, London, W1D 3RB

Telephone: 020 7287 9608

Nearest tube station: Tottenham Court Road

Tube Lines: Central Northern

Rating: 2.9/5 (405 votes cast)


About Maya London

MAYA bar is the latest addition to the nightlife of Soho and is set to become London’s most desired lounge bars. Created on the old site of the opulent Opium Lounge, the owners of Maya London have totally transformed this nightclub into a ultra hip lounge and club to match the likes of Mo*vida, Paper club and Umbaba. Party-goers will be treated to one of the most advanced sound systems in the West-end along with, vegas-style service and amenities.

It seems this highly anticipated club is now open and it was well worth the wait. With openings planned in New York City and Moscow, Londoners will be the first to sample the decadence that Maya has to offer. Sienna Miller has already been spotted at this nigth club on the opening night and be sure that many famous faces will no doubt frequent Maya London over the coming months.

Comments and Reviews of Maya London

I am from Liverpool, I went to Maya with a few friends who are actually from the london area. Great experience all in all. I was on the guest-list, swift entry, great staff, until I started to experience partial memory loss around 1a.m. It\'s what grey goose does to me. So, to keep the review fair and accurate, please bare in mind I am only describing my time between the hours of 10pm to 1am, even though I stayed until it closed ;)

- Baz | 09 August 2009
what a load of bull! Managed to get on a guestlist so that I could celebrate my 21st bday in Maya\'s. There was a group of around 20 of us, dressed as we were advised to dress. Got to the door, and the extremely rude doormen told us to line up against the wall, only to turn around and say our guestlist was rejected. Got through to the manager and found out we apparently looked like the \"wrong type of crowd\". In translation... \"didn\'t look rich enough\". Extremely arrogant atmosphere even from outside the place. Never going back there again. Really can\'t imagine myself having fun in a place that hand-picks in such an obvious manner. Ended up going to Penthouse and having THE most amazing night! Definitely recommend it.

- | 18 July 2009
Went to this club as a friend of mine got me in for free - absolute rubbish! would go there in a hurry:)

- Sara Dean | 14 July 2009
You have to go on a Friday night to Maya, it seriously ROCKS and i\'ve been going for about a month now EVERY friday i love it so much!! the music rocks as they have managed to nab the resident of that now closed club Paper on Thursdays - Henry Relph as their Friday resident! If u haven\'t been for a while - suggest u try it out again!

- Samantha B | 08 July 2009
People go out more and stop mugging yourself. I was in the old venue Opium and these clubs sprout out to lure in the insecure. There si nothing sexy about paying £20 and then pay for the drinks:) I am far from being a cheapskate!

- Tafari | 04 March 2009
Hated my experience at Maya. Three drinks clocked up a bar bill of 20+. There was a dingy feel to the place...very dark, difficult to navigate around the floorspace because it\'s divided up by black leather sofa booths. Pretentious idiots were in no short supply. My friend put his empty glass down on a nearby table (as you do?) only for a Soho megalomaniac (who seemed to think he was Jesus) to arrogantly swagger up and shout at us: \"This is my private table, don\'t ever do that again!\" People were buying magnums of Cristal and having them delivered across the club with flaming sparklers stuck on which point the DJ would always interrupt his set to play the James Bond theme tune. I got bored of it all very quickly and left with a bad taste in my mouth. The best club in London? Not by a long shot. Why there is such a clamour to see and be seen there... I can\'t really figure out.

- Russell | 02 March 2009
Terrible experience, extremely rude staff and very rude customers who were throwing items on and at other guests. The music was ok but was very dated and felt like I was in a regional working mans pub. My Girlfriend also had her purse stolen from her bag and after speaking to about 5 very unhelpful and rude members of staff about it they decided there was nothing they could do even though they have CCTV. Overall very disappointing, I will not be recommending Maya to anyone.

- Graham Twist | 16 January 2009
Great Music, Great Time, Maya

- John Baxter | 07 January 2009
Extra Time Online we there Sunday 5 oct Thanks for a great night!

- Adam Tauber | 07 October 2008
I love this place been living in London a year and and went to Maya for the first time last Friday awesome place! Rate it above Maddox any day! I\'ll be back again this Friday for sure

- Mark | 01 October 2008
Love it! The Best Club in London no question!

- Susie | 28 September 2008
I was there last Friday night, wicked place, i had an awesome time. The only down fall about the night was loosing my diamond bracelet. But overall what a great night! Thanks for the guestlist team!

- Kimberley Ralph | 29 March 2008
In a nutshell: One of the best clubbing experiences in my life thus far! In detail: Coming from Manchester, I\'ve experienced my fair share of disappointing, horrendous, and lackluster nightclubs. From my point of view, almost every club in the Manchester seems filled with monotony. They all look the same, feel the same, and suck all the same. When I traveled to London for a couple of days, I knew I had to experience its nightlife. Parties that don\'t start until midnight? 5AM last call? Beautiful women everywhere you go? Count me in! Upon entering Maya Nightclub, my first thought was, \"Holy shit, it\'s an basement club!\" Even though I was already buzzed and everything looked dark to me, I sensed a ton of beautiful women in my surroundings. It was a breath of fresh air to but there were a bunch of fake ass people, superficial girls. But the majority of the crowd were pretty cool. Another thing I love about the Maya...the girls there (on the night I went to, at least) actually were willing to dance and grind up on you and they didn\'t give a crap because they all just wanted to have a good time. The music was absolutely great! The DJ that night played an exceptional mix of music that kept you dancing on that dancefloor for several hours straight! I only had one drink there and it was pretty good...because I didn\'t pay for it. One complaint was the price! Granted its meant to be exclusive. One other minor complaint was the lack of air circulation around the dancefloor. Yea, the club is in a basement in London. It\'s humid and it doesn\'t help when the dancefloor is jammed with booty shakers and penis thrusters working up a sweat. They just need to add a few more fans. Over all WOW! Maya London is a must visit. I\'ll be going again if i can make it past those bouncers.

- Thomas K | 21 March 2008

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